Walk and Talk Program

This project will engage women and their extended families by providing tools and resources to confidently make healthy lifestyle choices for themselves and their families. The project will be delivered through cultural centers or faith based organizations within the community. It is hoped that this project creates shared experiences across neighborhoods and cultures where we can learn from one another and work to build social empathy and understanding that will create healthy environments for all families.

Each week will focus on a different healthy lifestyle behavior e.g. preventive screening, increasing fruits and vegetables, tracking and monitoring steps/minutes of exercise, stress management, etc.


June 13th - June 16th

Come out and register for our 2nd annual community walk and talk program.

Week 1 - June 26th

Goal Setting

Setting S.M.A.R.T. short-term and
long-term goals.

Week 2 - July 6th

Physical Activity & Walking

Education on provided evidence-based recommendations for adults and ages 3 through 17 to safely get the physical activity they need to stay healthy.

Week 3 - July 10th

Preventative Health Screenings and Tests

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force
guidelines for cervical, breast and
colon cancer for adults.

Week 4 - July 17th

Healthy Eating & Healthy Weight

Transitions in healthy eating, balancing calories with the number of calories your body burns, and regular exercise.

Week 5 - July 24th

Lifestyle Modification & Lifestyle Change

Education focused on modification of long-term behaviors for chronic disease condition.

Week 6 - July 31st

Alcohol & Tobacco Use

Identifying and educating on risk
factors related to alcohol and tobacco use.

Week 7 - August 14th

Mental Health Stress & Sleep

Recognition of mental health risk
factors, along with signs and

Week 8 - August 21th

Staying Connected

Presentation related to staying
connected socially to prevent mental and physical health.

Additional Information

Mount Zion Baptist Church, in conjunction with Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department will host an 8-week walking program open to the community of Lincoln that consists of a 20 minute walk and a 15 minute presentation that will provide education on healthy lifestyle alternatives, free health assessments, information on nutrition, and more. We welcome all to join us in an effort to engage, support and encourage our community through the promotion of healthier lifestyles!

Note: During this program, we will track and record the steps walked during our 20 minute walk. If you have a mobile device, you can may have an app already available to record your steps walked. See information below. We will have pedometers available, but you can also download free pedometer apps through your mobile service’s app store.

To access the pedometer features, please click on the mobile app designed specifically for your device:

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